More than 20 years of experience

In our more than 20-year corporate history, we always followed our Vision and Mission striving to achieve highest customer satisfaction. In all our daily activities we respect the values stipulated in our Vision and Mission, like respectful collaboration and tolerance. 

About Güntner Group Europe

Güntner Group Europe GmbH has its headquarters in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, and is the cross-brand holding company for thermowave Gesellschaft für Wärmetechnik mbH, Güntner GmbH & Co. KG, JAEGGI Hybridtechnolgie AG and basetec products & solutions GmbH for the EMEA region (Europe/Middle East/Africa).

The transfer of information and knowledge across all companies and the resulting synergies provide critical development drivers not only for the Group but also for the market.

Güntner Group's high quality levels are based on decades of industry experience and the consistent use of the latest technologies and research. Users include the international automotive, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and computer industries and numerous public sector institutions. 

Our Vision

Over the past decades, the Güntner Group has expanded and grown from a local specialist to an international and global enterprise.

As one of the leading companies worldwide in the sector of heat transfer technology, the Güntner Group is present on all continents with production sites as well as Güntner affiliated and non-affiliated sales and service companies.

Güntner stands for innovative, high-quality world class products.

Most important in the Güntner Group are our employees. Through many years of experience and the commitment of our employees, the Güntner Group turned into a leading international business in the field of heat transfer technology. Exclusively the employee is relevant for the successful development of the Güntner Group.

Respectful and fair cooperation among employees are significant characteristics of our corporate culture. In our fundamental conviction, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and tolerance are the basis of good cooperation and success.

The commitment to a continuous progress in our activities ensures an ongoing and long-term success for our customers and partners.

The Güntner Group also takes its responsibility towards the environment and our society very seriously. Efficient system solutions with a long-term operating safety assure that the world's resources are treated carefully and that health and quality of life are protected.

For the Güntner Group, the fundamental and crucial characteristics of all collaboration with its customers are reliability, competence and personal contact. 

Our Mission

Highest customer satisfaction is the company's primary objective and is the standard for all our activities.

Exceeding the customer's expectations, cost efficiency, the use of state-of-the-art operating facilities and regulation equipment as well as the special focus on our employees - due to all these factors the Güntner Group is an indispensable partner for its customers.

Long-term customer retention and a high degree of customer satisfaction strengthen us in our activities and are at the same time a guarantee for our future success.

The advantage over competitors is continually extended, due to leadership in technology, innovation and cost.

Our corporate culture is marked in all parts of the world by openness, fairness, determination and concentration on our core competences.

Thus we meet the daily challenges jointly with our employees, customers and partners. 


Plate heat exchangers are used to transfer heat or cold between two liquids. They are made of embossed pairs of interconnected plates which have two channels inside. A warm medium flows through one channel and through the other channel, a cold. The two media flow in countercurrent flow.

Because of the use of different media, we offer solutions for various industries. Our plate heat exchangers are suitable for cooling, heating, condensation, evaporation, ventilation and refrigeration applications. Design and construction of the apparatuses are bespoken and completed with a constant eye for technical competence.

We are the specialist for phase-change! When evaporating and condensing, our leading modular welded plate heat exchangers are used in the area of high pressure applications and applications with natural refrigerants.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

With gasketed plate heat exchangers, the connection between the plates is accomplished with elastomers. The selection of the gasket is ideally suited to the media which will be used.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are convincing due to their great flexibility. At any time, they can be opened, cleaned and adjusted in their performance. If the media changes it is also possible to provide the PHE with other gaskets and plate materials. Another advantage is the high resistance of the gaskets used against the flowing media in the apparatus.

Gasketed plate apparatuses are modular, very flexible and therefore very adaptable heat exchangers. They are widely used in commerce and industry.

Module welded plate heat exchangers

Here, the heat exchanger plates are gas-tight welded together by laser. The advantage is that the laser welds withstand high static pressures and tolerate even common pressures and temperature changes.

Module welded plate heat exchangers are often then the best solution when it comes to applications with critical process parameters such as high labor and gasket pressures. In addition, the module welded construction has proved itself successful wherever changing parameters require a particular flexibility, such as in fast-growing plants that require a cost-effective adaptation of existing system components.

We are able to claim and guarantee first class service beginning with the optimized, customized design to any needed repairs and maintenance.

Additional product and investment security for all thermoline apparatuses is obtained through our total quality management – the development, design, manufacture and sales of thermowave products are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, PED/2014/68/EU , and ASME.

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